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Ariel had to go to the hospital. She will be ok. Details below.


Dear ZOMG friends: About a month ago, I had to go to the hospital for emergency major surgery due to a Victorian-era-level situation of "yank that crazy organ out and put it in a jar for posterity." I've been really out of it and recovering for a couple of weeks now, and things are going very well. I will be fine. I don't really know what level of detail is appropriate here, so I'm just going to tell you some stuff because 1. you deserve to know why I stopped answering and have to catch up, and 2. it might help one of you one day, because what happened to me was weird.

So. I had a fibroid uterus. In essence, it grew some wacky stuff in it-- one of which weighed four pounds-- and got bigger and bigger until it was trying to cage-match one of my kidneys by choking it out via blocking the ureter, which is both a hilarious word and a distressingly necessary tube that leads from your kidney to your bladder.

I thought I had food poisoning. In actual fact, my system had gone septic because of the kidney thing. I tried to go to urgent care, they pointed out that my nailbeds were blue, and made me go to the hospital... where I stayed for nearly two weeks. So, uh. If you think you have food poisoning that doesn't get better after three days, please go to the doctor, and please listen to them if they say you need to go to the hospital. You probably do.

Helper Mom-- valiant and wonderful soul that she is-- stopped working on your orders and flew out in a hurry to be with me. I'm trying to teach Helper Dad how to mix perfume over the phone, but I have been pretty useless until the last couple of days. I'm getting better. I will be totally fine again, just short an organ. It will take awhile, though.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to everyone whose orders didn't make it out before Mom came to take care of me. They WILL get fulfilled, but at a delay. As always when I get delayed, there will be some form of compensation in extra, new, or rare squees.
I humbly ask that you bear with me while I work this out.
<3, Ariel-- turned into a newt, but I got better