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Captain of Industry is temporarily out of stock! Woe.


Dear scented humans: I'm fine in the latest hurricane, but worried about those of you in the path, especially North Carolina. Please be safe.

Shop news: I had to be out of town for ten days and left my dad in charge of shipping. Long story short, he was deeply confused about some addresses. I am back on it now myself and everything should be in the mail by the end of Friday.

I created something amazing yesterday as an extra treat for a birthday order, and I'm calling it Resin & Root: three ambers, copal, three gingers, vetiver, white musk, black tea, sandalwood, forest dirt, and cypress essential oil. No patchouli, despite it being a very popular root-- the birthday lady loves Seagull Eating a Starfish, and this is meant to snuggle up to that vibe while remaining distinctly itself. I feel like it succeeded! Everyone going out Friday will get some as a late-shipping gift. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! <3, Ariel