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Feb Update: Mars Rover love, tongue-in-cheek Tesla & Edison riffs

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UPDATE TIME: I am still working on some older orders, and putting in extra goodies as always. My helper's been unavailable and I'm slow alone-- the Ariel is much better at creation than production. Woe.

COOKIES for the Mars Rover: an eloquent fan requested a re-release of this one in honor of Opportunity's long service (NASA announced Oppy's 15-year anniversary on my birthday, Jan 24!), and to keep the hope alive that one day, Oppy may wake to service again. I sniffled a little and said yes, of course. <3

There was already a new scent in the works to honor our beloved Mars Rover O, though, and it will join Cookies in going live soon: "Hey Earth, it's Been 15 Years, I'm Taking a Vacation: Opportunity and the Red Planet Go On Honeymoon." I think we can all agree that they've earned a little private time.

More upcoming titles to tease, titillate, tantalize, and, er, give you a general idea:

The Anaconda of Nikola Tesla Respectfully Declines

Nikola Tesla Punches Thomas Edison in the Unmentionables

Nikola Tesla Arises from His Earthly Form and Flies Into the Sun

The Honeyed Tongue and Fanged Devil-Mouth of Thomas Edison