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Holiday Limited Scent Update 2018!

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I made trios of scents this year, because I've always liked threes-- I was a child raised on a variety of cultural mythologies and stories, several of which appreciated threes as a magically, supernaturally, or religiously significant number. Thus, I've dabbled with several scent themes I really enjoy, which gave me an excuse to make a dumb pun about incense, dork out about sea life, get classic, and roll around in terpenes. I hope you enjoy them too!

---Three Seasonal Scents---

Hot Apple Pie: warm apple filling spiced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice-- do not use for evil. It will make people hungry, and I always get comments when I go out wearing it.

Snow Cream 2018: hawthorne, white musk, tonka. This is more the flavor of the snow cream and the feeling that you get, red-cheeked from chill, as you come back into the warm house to eat it.

So Incensed: myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, dragon's blood, red musk, champaka, nag champa, sweetgrass. 

---Three Headlines---

The Headless Chicken Monster Eats a Small Japanese Island: strawberry, watermelon, creamsicle, dragon's blood, ambergris, sweet musk, Japanese mint.

Serpentine God of Chaos Apep Lovingly Embraces a Wolf-Rayet Star: peru balsam, fig, glowing amber, myrrh, red egyptian musk, black musk, anise, sandalwood

Remarkably Good Mimic Octopus Mistaken for Marine Researcher for Three Years: red musk, coral wood, ambergris, frankincense, Puget Sound rain, saltwater.

---Three Queens---

Put On Your Jasmine Sandals: The starring-role jasmine scent we've been missing; jasmine, sandalwood, white egyptian musk, and a light rainforest shower. A classic, sensual beauty with an appreciation of nature, at home both indoors and out.

White Sable Stole: vanilla bean, vanilla buttercream, white amber, and patchouli. This is the elegant, refined one with perfect eyeliner game and a dangerous smoulder.

Precious Cinnamon Troll: Literally a ZOMG-style cinnamon roll. The sassy, spicy brat with the sweet heart of gold.

---Three Kings---

Myrcene: mango, cardamom, lemongrass, myrrh (SHOCKING!), hops, bay.

Caryophyllene: cloves, cinnmon, rosemary, black pepper, basil, ylang-ylang.

Terpinolene: apples, allspice, cumin, pine, lilac.