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Not dead, just asleep (actually, strep and moving). Click for tl;dr!


Dear friends: the shop is back up! There was a super mundane billing snafu.

Why I've been so quiet: I got really sick for a disgustingly long time and then life happened really hard while Ciara kept shipping everything just fine, but no one got answered when they asked me questions about it.

tl;dr long version: I had strep for a month right after moving closer to my parents thousands of miles from Seattle, and then took a stupid long time to recover while just about everything that can go wrong with a house and pets did so, and I've only just gotten things stable-- the puppy survived parvo, the elder dog is recovering from newfound pancreatitis enough to probably live now, the water pump got fixed and I have running water again, etc. During this, everything kept shipping because Ciara rocks, but communications fell down a vast and terrible hole, understandably angering a few people. I have some personal apologies to make to a couple of folks who were trying to ask me questions, as you can see. Everyone DOES, however, have their stuff, and for the upset case, stuff plus a refund. You all deserved communication, though, and for that I can only apologize and say I screwed up. Me, Ariel, not anyone else.