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PLUME BOOM, aka the Living With Volcano update


PLUME BOOM, aka the Living With Volcano update: last night the air smelled distinctly sulfurous, and I've had a scratchy sore throat and the tireds pretty much since things started, but moreso the past several days. My windows are closed in case of ashfall over here after that 30,000 foot ash plume I'm sure you all heard about. I'm lucky-- despite being 14 miles from the nearest liquid hot mmmagma fissure, things tend to go away from my area rather than toward it. I admit I'm still nervous about earthquakes (do you ever get over that after your first big one? actual question for those of you with XP) but any big boulders from the water table steam explosion we keep anxiously waiting for should land in the volcano park, not on me, and my house roof ought to keep out any pebbles that make it further.

I'm working on orders but I'll admit that driving around makes me nervous too, so I'm not going out to the post office as often as I should. Just a heads up.
I have been thinking about volcano-inspired scents a lot lately, can't imagine why. What evokes volcanoes to you, besides sulfur and cinnamon? I want to name something PLUME BOOM, because I guess I'm five years old and rhyming rocks. Fight me.