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Refunding you, because currently I can't fulfill orders.


Dear everyone: I'm going to be processing a lot of refunds in the next few days to catch up with requests. I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I'm still not able to make scents and ship them out yet, so refunds are the thing to do unless you tell me otherwise for yours.

Here's the story: Although I recovered well from my own surgery, Helper Mom came to take care of me and promptly ended up in the ER and then hospital herself with what turned out to be PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension). It's a heart and lung disease basically caused by stiff lungs, and it's incurable, though treatable (painfully). It's been a long road getting her to a hopefully-survivable point, and she can't help out with scents anymore. Please send good thoughts; she's mixed and packed a LOT over the years, so if you've been around awhile she probably touched your orders with love and care.

I kept thinking when this started happening IN JANUARY that we'd get her fixed up and everything would be ok and she could go home, but it took months and months of being stuck in GA where we ended up with a specialist doctor, with mom weak and needing constant care from me, before she was cleared to go home to HI and dad taking over for help. Then I went back to FL, because the family health thing I was helping with that was supposed to be temporary.. has not been fixed either, further interrupting my life and ZOMG Smells. I'm trying to get THAT to a sustainable point so I can go pack up ZOMG in HI myself and work, then ship it to where I will be... or to someone I trust who can run it temporarily. I've been talking to someone about that.

Anyway. I'm sorry for all the trouble to you. I feel terrible, but that doesn't help you. Refunds do, and since I can't mix and ship again yet.. that's what I'm doing. Thanks, all of you, for your courtesy and patience and general awesomeness over the years. You're such wonderful people, I can't even. It's an honor to have touched your lives in a positive smelly way. I hope I'll be able to again one day soon.