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The Volcano Collection is LIVE! Go see! :D


Pssst. The Volcano Collection update is LIVE! :D I'm really proud of the work I did on this one, art and scents both. Please love me.

PELE CREME BRULEE: a Hawaiian take on the delicious burnt-sugar and custard treat that so many of us love. The Volcano House restaurant which overlooks the caldera by a more than respectable distance serves a rather nice creme brulee, usually vanilla or mango. I'll be honest, I've only been a few times with guests, but I've had the creme brulee almost every time because I love the stuff so much. This is my take on it, a little tongue in cheek as all of my rhyming Hawaiian scents are-- inspired by living 14 miles from Fissure 8, which I can see lighting up the night sky with reflected lava-orange as soon as it gets dark. (It feels a lot closer than 14 miles when I stand in my yard and look at it, but I'm well out of range of any lava bombs it throws, so no need to worry.)
This creme brulee, in honor of Pele who is reputed to like sweet offerings, folds a pina colada blend of pineapple juice and coconut into vanilla custard and toasty caramelized sugar, with a dab of white musk to help it stick longer. You may also notice a few tiny black specks now and then as you apply the oil. Worry not! Those are real vanilla bean seeds, grown on this same island, at a local farm I got to visit and buy some beans to use in making my own infused oil. I'm pretty excited about that, and if you like sweet things, you should be excited about this scent. When I tested it on my mom by waving my wrist at her, her eyes widened and she said "MINE." So... if you're looking to smell like a pina colada creme brulee, I think I've got you covered. Enjoy!


PLUMERIA HYSTERIA: This one references the fact that a lot of tourists canceled plans to come visit the Big Island once the volcano started spewing lava from various fissures in the ground and casually, slowly, annihilating neighborhoods (including the vacation houses lining the Kapoho tide pools which I loved, and filling in those tide pools so that they no longer exist-- an odd feeling, to know I'll never see them again except in pictures). Despite these damages, though, the rest of us are really pretty safe as long as we stay respectfully away from the active lava fountains, and the island is suffering from the lack of tourists, because a lot of our economy here depends on tourism.
The actual smell captures the essence a perfect, traditional flower lei of gardenia, pikkake jasmine, and frangipani plumeria. It's light and one that you may need to reapply if you want it to last all day-- I've included a very gentle musk to help it stick, but it will never knock people out in an elevator. On the other hand, most of you don't WANT it to knock people out in an elevator, right?


ZOMG has a tradition of weird birthday party scents, and when I heard that we had a new tiny baby island forming right off the coat, I had to give it a birthday present! It has since grown up into a peninsula after a very brief stint as its own separate entity, in sort of the exact opposite fashion that human babies do. For its islandy infancy, though, it was tiny, distinct, and adorable. I made it this ode to new life and brand new land in the form of tuberose (a popular lei flower), ambergris for the surrounding ocean, wet volcano rock... AND CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE WITH HOT SPICED CARAMEL SAUCE, because come on. You didn't really expect me not to go for the lava cake joke, did you?
Dark chocolate, tuberose, wet rock, ambergris, smoky clove bud, cinnamon, chipotle pepper, and caramel sauce. Make a wish. If you wish to smell like this, well, it's in easy reach. :)

SKY HIGH CHAI: A chai volcano, you say? The hotter and spicier the better? OKAY. This one is for all the folks chiming in to say that sounded delicious. Star anise, cinnamon leaf, clove leaf, and clove bud are all essential oils, and they pack a smoky, spicy, pungent punch. Well, less a punch than a strong black tea. It also has ginger and a touch of coconut milk to round out the flavor, as this one is more spicy than sweet. The keen-nosed among you will detect a hint of plumeria on the warm Hawaiian breeze, which won't actually start coming from your wrists like a superpower when you wear it, but should make you at least feel a little more tropical.


LAU LAU KaPOW! This one's for the guiltily delectable scent of burning sugar cane fields: wild ginger cooked with pineapple and lychee, toasted coconut, the green scent of the nearby rainforest, and... is that roast pork I smell?
Wild pigs are very much a thing here, and people often trap and eat them. Lau lau is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of pork wrapped in taro leaves with butterfish, then wrapped in ti leaves and steamed in a coal pit on the sand under it's fall-apart tender. I personally think it's best served with coconut rice, so I've included that in this olfactory roundup. Wave this scent at people to make them hungry and confused. "Do you... smell like an amazing pork dish?" Pretend that you now think they might be a cannibal and see what they do.
I thought long and hard about this one and decided that I'd put the eau de roast pork in a separate squee when you order a bottle of this, so that you can make the call about confusing your friends and enemies versus sparing the wildlife today.
<3, Ariel