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update from bed


Hi, humans. I am sick in bed watching the Matrix on my phone. I have not forgotten you, but I have been disgustingly ill for about a week now-- probably thanks to something I touched when I went to go see How To Train Your Dragon 3 with my family, because my mom got it too. My brain and energy are coming back, so I had to update you. The new Teslas are absolutely still a thing, I just wanted to get all my outstanding orders sent before posting them. And then I got sick before I was done, but SO many things are sitting half-made or better, just waiting to be finished. Wine scents are also still a thing, but they require more fine-tuning-- oaked, fruity reds are going well, but a clean, fresh white is not yet quite where I want it, though notes of apple, pear and grapefruit would like to tell you hello. A recipe for roti canai and coconut chicken curry dipping sauce might also say hello tomorrow, although that is not why you come here. You might like my cooking too if you like my smells, though. <3