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Why the delay? This: ZOMG supplies had a lot of shipping damage due to bad packing.


I'm unhappy to report that I've discovered a lot of leakage and loss of supplies in my ingredients bottles and some pre-mixed batches of scent due to bad packing from the full-service packing company-- bottles on their sides, boxes stuffed into the crate to fit the most (which I appreciate in theory) while ignoring "this side up" arrows (which I very much do not appreciate, in practice, especially since I was very clear about the importance of packing things RIGHT SIDE UP). So. I'm doing the best I can to fulfill orders, but as I get through them I'm finding that some things completely leaked out and I'll have to get replacements-- and so many things are in that category that I'll have to get compensation from the shipping company to manage it. I'll email to let you know if your order is affected by the shortages, and see what you'd like me to do in terms of alternate choices, refunds, or hanging in there til I get my supplies back for your prime choice. 

NOT ALL is lost. Some things came through fine, all the premade squees are in great shape and not leaked on, and I should still be able to finish most of your orders promptly. Doing my best with what I've got, folks. It's pretty demoralizing to be making lists of things I have to try to get compensation for, when I expected them to come through fine. I apologize for your wait, when you expected them to come through fine too. 

New fanciness will still come to you, too. I have a couple of really cool things for which I got lucky enough to have everything I wanted to make them come through good, so there's that. Still. Ugh.