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  • A tasty little latte in a demure white cup, a heart drawn in the top froth like they do, and abstract honeycomb in the background. Love me.
    $16.50 Choose Options Coffee Bee
    Coffee bee! This one's going to stick around as a non-limited scent of, well, a fine honey latte with all the usual tastiness in it-- wildflower honey, one perfect espresso shot, sweet milk, and warm whipped latte froth...

  • RAR I am a mighty chieftain's equally mighty wife and I have PLUNDER! Check out my plunder! I am covered in jewels and I have a SWORD and RAR!
    $15.50 Choose Options The Chieftain's Wife
    A companion scent to Barbaric Splendour — the feminine side of pillaging and dominion. Royal jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, dusty musk.

  • Coronal Mass Ejection
    $15.50 Choose Options Coronal Mass Ejection
    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas and sometimes, just sometimes, it sends a big ol' glob of those fun times hurtling out into space propelled by solar wind. When these coronal mass ejections are pointed Earthward,...

  • Chocolate Orange Cordial
    $15.50 Choose Options Chocolate Orange Cordial
    A dead ringer for that first whiff of orange-tinged dark chocolate when you unwrap the foil. Rich chocolate, not overly sugared, mingles with bright, honey-sweet citrus in this dessert cordial for your nose. Our first...

  • $15.50 Captain of Industry
    UPDATE: I know you love the Good Captain, but a very important ingredient in this mix has been discontinued by my supplier and I'm still hunting fruitlessly for a replacement. Woe. :( I am sorry, but until I can find...

  • Candy Mechanic
    $15.50 Choose Options Candy Mechanic
    One of our very own customers utterly charmed us into designing this by mentioning that her father repaired machinery at a candy factory and thus came home smelling like candy and machine oil. We found this to be a...

  • Candied Head
    $15.50 Choose Options Candied Head
    A scent specifically formulated for the days when choosing between smelling like a sweetshop and smelling like a headshop is simply impossible. Holly has this problem a lot. Sugared, cakey, amber-licious and incensey...

  • Camping in a Vanilla Forest
    $15.50 Choose Options Camping in a Vanilla Forest
    Holly says this scent is like going camping in a vanilla forest, and so we went with that. Imagine, if you will: your campfire sends up thick vanilla smoke as night falls upon your little party deep in the woods. The fire...