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DEATHMATCH! Edison v. Tesla

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This is a pair of scents that we've locked together in mortal combat, partially because the idea of it makes us laugh like goons and also because they smell really, really good together. These scents are not available separately: they have been handcuffed together and given tiny switchblades. They were both originally part of our 2012 Sugared Scientists set, but we just couldn't let them go.


Scent 1: The Dubious Candification of Nikola Tesla

We here at ZOMG HQ love Nikola Tesla so much we just can't leave him alone, even though he didn't really look like David Bowie. (He was, however, a very handsome man-- and far more to the point, DAT MIND.) We've fluffed and primped our poor sweet scientist into his most sugary form yet: candied violets.

Gentlemanly violet and sandalwood, sugared together with a touch of vanilla cream and sweet white musk. It's as distinguished as a brilliant man covered in candied violets could ever hope to be.


Scent 2: Thomas Alva Edison, the Last Jellybean in the Bag

We like to keep reminding people that Thomas Edison was a big jerkface to Nikola Tesla, but we don't like making things that actually smell bad. Our compromise: a scent for Edison that is tailored to very particular tastes. There is no sweetness to this (much like the man), but it's a dead ringer for that one jellybean most of you leave for last, and a few of you are lucky enough to love and get to score extras when your friends don't want theirs. You know which one we mean. The licorice one. 

Well, we've nailed it: anise, fennel, clove, vetiver and wormwood. If you are a lover of such things, rub it on yourself and delight. But watch out for people who love absinthe and allsorts.


Reminder: the Deathmatch includes BOTH SCENTS.

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Product Reviews

  1. Edison ruins Tesla AGAIN! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Dec 2013

    Scent 1: The Dubious Candification of Nikola Tesla

    Tesla is very handsome, pretty man. Excellent brain. Sad life, sad death, but at least there is symmetry.
    Without his name, I would still love this scent! It makes me taste candied violets. Very delicious scent. More sweet than floral, but green enough that it's not so sweet it has my stomach growling all day.
    Not remotely fusty like grandmama's violet-filled windowsills in the parlor, more of a spring bloom fresh greenness to it. Neither too old-lady-ish, nor too youthfully sticky candy-store-ish. The best violet scent ever!

    The Master's first reaction, "Hey! I thought we didn't get the pear yet!" (He loves spiced pears.) It smells sweet and green on him, a little spicy, and not feminine-floral at all. He'd wear it more than Edison, if I'd ever part with any again.

    I'd much rather two bottles of this and no other!
    (The other Tesla, as soap, was so overwhelmingly green, it did nothing for me. Might be the soap batch. I'll try it someday, but this is my favorite!)

    Scent 2: Thomas Alva Edison, the Last Jellybean in the Bag

    The Master says it smells chemical and antiseptic, like black licorice smells to him. Might make a good lab scrub, or deodorant. He wears it, from time to time. He would rather try Doc Holliday next.

    At Yuletide, it reminds me of yummy, tooth-breaking Springerle cookies (the kind you have to bake by Halloween to be stale & soft enough to eat at Christmas.) About half the time, I like the licorice, but Fennel toothpaste every day has put me off even my favorite Absinthe Breath Mints.

    {The burning sensation is hopefully psychosomatic. I simply hate Edison. I've visited his (literal) sweatshop, where all his "invention" came from the 99% perspiration of other men, working for pennies in conditions worse than some plantation slaves in the Florida heat (pre-air conditioning, dirt floors, literal palm-thatched clapboard shacks sleeping 6-12 men, bugs as big as your fist and no windows). His determined efforts to ruin Tesla were a lesson to the rest of the REAL inventors not to get uppity.I don't just say this as an Igors' Union member. The living & working conditions, and stolen credit are an affront to humanity. Tesla was the lucky one, out of hundreds of men Edison exploited & mistreated.}

    On The Master, Edison, put on over Tesla, overwhelmed Tesla with licorice. Tesla only managed to mellow Edison into more of a black jujube than actual licorice.
    The Master was unimpressed.
    I actively disliked the combination -- the green notes fought each other unpleasantly in the background, and the main absinthe-candy scent lacked bite.

    To be fair, I just put Tesla on over Edison. It smells like sugar with anise far in the background. Almost makes Edison smell nice, more of the way black jujubes smell than they taste. Brings back memories of my Grandmama with some chest-rub for her cold. I'd wear it to a funeral, lawyer's office, or other somber occasion. If I have to. I guess. It really says "frumpy black polyester dress" to me.
    It may be clearing my sinuses.

  2. The greatest scientific rivalry of the 20th century becomes the greatest scent of the 21st 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2013

    How can I express how much I love these scents?
    Nikola Tesla is my hero, and I have a love of Tesla vs. Edison lore, so the name alone would have been enough to make me want to have this set...but then I was pulled in by the promise of candied violets and licorice. Sold.

    I'll review separately, then together.

    Tesla is a wonderful scent alone. The utter sweetness of the candied violets and hint of vanilla are tempered by the subtle white musk and hint of sandalwood. I wouldn't be able to pick out either of those notes individually, but together, they add a gentlemanly and elegant wearability to the candied notes. I love violet candy probably much more than the next person, but I'm glad to have something other than simply candied violets in this scent. On my skin, the fragrance was even able to impress a lady friend who otherwise is not a fan of violets. ;) The only thing slightly disappointing about this scent, and it is only a minor issue, is that my skin seems to prefer the candy and violet elements, making it not as masculine as others have described it as. I love the scent enough to not care about the gendered label, however, and wear it anyway.

    Edison is not as complex of a scent, and I probably won't be wearing it alone. Tesla would be happy to note that with my skin chemistry, this scent more resembles his alternating current than Edison's direct current -- instead of melding into a complex and layered scent, or gradually changing over a long period of time, the scent shifts rather suddenly, only to shift back. Mostly, it shifts between the fresh, sharp, grassiness of fennel and a sweeter licorice candy scent. I like fennel, but am not sure if I like smelling like it for half an hour, only to smell like sweet and subtly spicy licorice for the next half hour. If the two notes progressed and developed together throughout the day, I would probably be happier with this scent.

    Deathmatched, these scents are divine. The sweeter licorice side of Edison blends into Tesla's candied violets perfectly, while Edison's subtle spice and sharp fennel mixes with Tesla's musk and sandalwood to simultaneously provide a refined, darkly elegant, and gentlemanly backdrop for the sweets, while providing a bright and sharp contrast on top of the rest of the fragrance. This is the darkness of spending a night eating sweets in an elegantly furnished parlor, lit by the latest technology -- a few incandescent bulbs. The soft darkness hovers at the edges, the sweetness of the treats linger on your tongue, and the brightness of the bulbs brings everything into relief. This scent is quite rich, with enough sugar to keep it light. Edison makes Tesla more masculine, making this a unisex scent.

    Both scents have good lasting power and moderate throw, with Tesla lasting a bit longer than Edison and having a bit more throw. I'd say that they are matched in strength. When deathmatched, they blend wonderfully, with Edison overtaking Tesla at first, and Tesla winning out in the end (as he should).

    I think this is my new signature scent, and I will be ordering full-sized bottles for sure.

  3. I wanted to love them! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2013

    I bought these as squees, but the scent I really wanted to try was Edison. I love all forms of black licorice, so I figured I'd really enjoy a licorice perfume.

    While the licorice is definitely strong throughout Edison, with the other ingredients it smells, on me, like a licorice black tea. I wanted this to be straight-up licorice, so I'm a little sad about the other elements.

    Tesla, on the other hand, is everything I wanted The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla to be. It's exactly what the scent guide promised, unfortunately right down to "gentlemanly". Even with the candied, sugary aspects, this scent is still too masculine for me to be comfortable wearing.

    Together, on my skin, they smell like a sugared, floral tea.

    I can't rate it down because the descriptions were accurate and I knew what I was getting into with the scents, but on my skin, I can't love them, and I really wanted to. :(

  4. The only time I have ever liked Edison 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Dec 2012

    I was going to wait awhile to try this since it just arrived in my giant Christmas order of doooooooooom, but some got on my hands while unwrapping the duo and....er.mah.gerrrd!

    I was a bit nervous about this one, and had contacted the ladies on facebook to see just how different it was from the previous Teslas. But, they always do Tesla right, so i decided to just go for it and buy the bottles.
    Apparently i really like violet. I was scared because of my past with other e-tailers violet blends that always turn soapy. But this is amazing. There is certainly more violet in this than the previous Teslas, so if you love that, get this for sure. It is missing it's creosote "TWANG" of the previous versions, but it still made me huff my wrist so much that my room mate went "Omg...it's like catnip for Kat.".

    I love licorice. The kind that most people would want to toss away (double salted hard licorice). This is that in smell form. I love it to the point where i don't care if other people don't like it. I will be "that girl" who fills the room with black licorice smell.
    This is also the first vetiver blend that has ever worked on me without going "oh you thought you liked this? BAM! Now i smell like cat pee!". So anyone who has had that same issue, i was ammonia free over here.

    It's an allsort kind of licorice cream on me. The violet and licorice plays so nicely and almost turn it sort of root-beer like on my skin. Smells similar to Miaphonos from Bpal if more Edison is added.
    If more Tesla is added it turns to a more "clean" smell, but i wouldn't say it ever goes floral or soapy.

    I like them together, but i LOVE them both apart. And i think Edison is going "MUAHAHAHA! I knew i would get you eventually!" right now.

  5. Businessman vs. Inventor... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2012

    ...this is my perfect fantasy. I reviewed both separate, and combined. Three reviews in one.

    In the bottle, Black Jellybeans, Absinthe and Spice. On me, it smelled like Black Jellybeans, and about knocked me out with it's potency, and continued for an hour, in which I contemplated washing my wrists with bleach.
    Candy Tesla:
    In the bottle, I smelled Violets, Sandalwood, and Leather Toolbelts. On me, it's what I wished the other Tesla I tried out could have been. Straight out I got Violets, and that Toolbelts and Sawdust scent. After a few minutes, I got Creamy Vanilla and barely there Musk, like the softest of whispers.

    By their powers combined, we have...DEATHMATCH!

    Within seconds of applying it over the Edison, I got the lovely sweet smell of Candy Tesla, and the sour Black Jellybean of Edison duking it out. An hour later there was the lovely Candy Tesla scent with a hint of Absinthe(which was all that was left of Edison). Was there any doubt as to the winner?

    BTW, the mental image of them handcuffed with tiny switchblades gave me a serious case of thhe giggles. This is fast becoming my new favourite scent, not to mention telling everyone the name of it gives me a serious case of the gigglefits.

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