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Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We are not Amazon--we need a little time to get your stuff out the door. It usually takes us 10-15 business days to mix and pack your order from the day you place it. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and it will head out sooner than that, and occasionally we have a lot of orders or a minor hitch in the process that slows our chug down just a bit.  


Q: How big are your bottles and squees?

A: Our squees are 1ml. Our bottles are 2ml, 5ml, and 8ml.


Q: Are your scents made from essential oils?

A: Partially. We use a mixture of essential oils and synthetic components. Not everything we want to use in our scents is obliging enough to naturally generate essential oil: apples, for example. And sometimes the original source for the scent we want isn't something you want to put on your skin, such as gasoline. Occasionally the natural source for a scent is suffering from being over-harvested for cosmetic use (sandalwood, musk, rosewood, etc.) and we don't want to exacerbate that. We use essentials where we can and fill in the gaps with the wonders of modern technology.


Q: I'm allergic to [fill-in-the-blank]. Can I still use your smells?

A: First, the disclaimer--we're not medical professionals and we are not qualified to offer advice on any health-related matter. Our smells are skin-safe for normal use, but if you have any sensitivities that might be aggravated by scent or ANY serious allergy, we ask you not to risk wearing our smells. We're proud of them, but your health is more important.


Q: Are your scents vegan?

A: We can't guarantee that, no. If we produce a scent (or line of scents) that is 100% vegan, we will be delighted and will label those scents as such.

Q: Can I use your scents to make soap or bath bombs or other goodies?

A: Feel free to try! Our scents are in a carrier-oil base, though, which bollixes up the process sometimes. You weren't going to cook with them, were you? Just in case: don't cook with them. Don't rub them on your gums or eyeballs, either. Or the gums and eyeballs of your friends.


Q: Who are the two women in your logo?

A: That's us, Holly and Ariel. We're a little less cartoony in person, but we try. :)