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Honeyed Delights 2019

  • Honeybadger Gets Drunk
    $16.50 Choose Options Honeybadger Gets Drunk
    HONEYBADGER GETS DRUNK: strong mead, fresh blackberry honey, the battered remains of a rosewood branch that the honeybadger thought was a snake, and mussssk. 

  • Honeybear
    $16.50 Choose Options Honeybear
    HONEYBEAR: There's too much honey around here not to attract a bear. This one, luckily, is a dapper gentlebeing with a sweet tooth, and will refrain from invoking a rude claws-- er, clause-- like "the bear gets all the honey...

  • Cyser
    $16.50 Choose Options Cyser
    CYSER: In the world of mead and honey wine, all cysers are melomels (honey wines involving fruit), but only melomels involving apples are cysers. Despite having their own special category, they are not snobby things, and...

  • Melomel 2019
    $16.50 Choose Options Melomel 2019
    MELOMEL: this blanket term refers to any wine involving both honey and fruit, whether it be a honey wine made with whole fruits, fruit juice and honey fermented together, or a fruit wine with added honey. Any and all fruit...

  • This pyment has been brought to you by the letter P.
    $16.50 Choose Options Pyment
    PYMENT: All honey wines with fruit are melomels, but not all honey wines with fruit are pyments. A "pyment" refers only to a honey wine that involves grapes, or a grape wine that includes honey. The grape wine doesn't even...