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  • a vague starscape and indistinct evergreen trees.
    $16.50 Choose Options The Longest Night
    Deep, dark, inspiring and warm: a scent for the Longest Night. Winter Solstice is coming up December 22! Here's a scent to contemplate life by, smell gorgeous, and remember the good things about the dark. Dirt, clean earthy...

  • The Large Hadron Collider Produces a Strangelet
    $15.50 Choose Options The Large Hadron Collider Produces a Strangelet
    (reformulated 11/10/10)This scent is Holly's love song to her favorite particle accelerator, but it is also a scent of DOOM!A strangelet is a still-hypothetical subatomic particle composed of three different kinds of quarks:...

  • $15.50 Choose Options Lassi Come Home
    A good friend of Ariel's once introduced the noble lassi to her as "India's milkshake." While this originally led her to expect something other than the creamy, frozen fruit puree that a lassi truly is, it also does the...

  • Lemonbomb
    $15.50 Choose Options Lemonbomb
    In Sorrento, Italy, the lemons grow so huge that they randomly explode and drench the passersby in the most amazingly intense, rich candied lemon scent found anywhere in the world. Actually, they don't. But they do get...

  • Lola
    $15.50 Choose Options Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lo lo-laaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Surprisingly unisex, appropriately enough. ;) Vanilla and spices doused in sticky-sweet frankincense and propped up on sky-high platform heels.

  • Lola's New Dress
    $15.50 Choose Options Lola's New Dress
    This version of Lola started as a prototype. We eventually decided to go a slightly different direction with the blend but couldn't shake our fondness for this one. I like to think of this as Lola in a different dress--and...

  • Love Durian
    $15.50 Choose Options Love Durian
    Durians: the King of Fruits. They taste like heaven, but smell like hell--we've reversed that. :) This is the scent of a ripe, joyous durian with all the onion gravy and rancid sweatsock taken right out! Quite possibly the...

  • The Last Gros Michel
    $15.50 Choose Options The Last Gros Michel
    By all accounts sweeter, creamier, and more flavorful than the Cavendish banana that has populated grocery stores since the 1950s, the Gros Michel banana is a pleasure lost to the modern world.The first Gros Michel banana...

  • The Little Red Spot
    $15.50 Choose Options The Little Red Spot
    Type a description for this product here...The Little Red Spot is #2 in the Under-Appreciated Clouds of Our Solar System series! (see also: Oort and Scooter)The technical term for the Little Red Spot* is 'OVAL BA' but that's...