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What's this? No foolin', it's time to bring back some of the sillier stuff. Welcome back to many mixed-up mashups from yesteryear! Thanks, April spirit.

  • Captain of Industry Eating a Seagull
    $16.50 Captain of Industry Eating a Seagull
    The unholy union of Captain of Industry and Seagull Eating a Starfish. We had a lot of fun with this--whereas Captain is a luxury high-rise scent, Seagull is more of a beachy thing, so naturally the way to go in order to...

  • Camping in Marmalade
    $16.50 Camping in Marmalade
    Camping in a Vanilla Forest and Marmalade Tabby love each other very much. Tabby's orange and brown sugar gets toasted on Camping's campfire, and the result is a smoky, vintage Seville orange marmalade over oak chips and a...

  • Dr. Zomg's Barbaric Splendour
    $16.50 Dr. Zomg's Barbaric Splendour
    Oh no, Dr. Zomg got back into the classic fountain-drink recipes ON A HORSE, WITH PLUNDER! The results are like a Ren Faire soda: all the bright, honeyed sweet-sour citrus notes of Dr. Zomg's Superlative Polytonic Mira-balm...

  • Empty Airship Hangar
    $16.50 Empty Airship Hangar
    Ever wanted to smell something that Phil Foglio said NO to? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! This scent was described by the mighty gentleman Foglio-- when we offered it to him-- as "an empty airship hangar." And not in a good way! HIS...

  • Sir Fightypants
    $16.50 Sir Fightypants
    Masculine as a roll in the dirt with sharp objects and another guy grunting at you. We think you're fun to watch; you know you're fun to be. Rub a little of our appreciation on yourself-- we put a great deal of thought...

  • Ren Tits
    $16.50 Ren Tits
    Ren tits. You know what I'm talking about. Corsets that give modest bosoms sudden cleavage and make lush bosoms threaten to overflow their velvet-brocade-fancy-trimmed-whatnot bounds. Girls in corsets. Women in corsets. Men...

  • Modesty Cod
    $16.50 Modesty Cod
    The awkward thing about Renaissance Faires is-- no, it's not the people walking around in Starfleet uniforms with tricorders, and how dare you judge my parents. It's groins. Groins in tights. You know what I'm talking...

  • Lady Stabbington-Hackworth
    $16.50 Lady Stabbington-Hackworth
    Sir Fightypants is masculine, and that's cool if you want to smell like a dude rolling in the dirt, but maybe you want something a little more like a lady stabbing you in the breastplate and whacking your pauldrons. We...