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October 2018

  • sparkles everywhere
    $16.50 Choose Options Sparkles Everywhere
    Sparkles Everywhere: this one is bright and fizzy, the best olfactory representation I could think of for SHINY STUFF. Champagne and 7-up fizz in your nose, with hawthorne and cornmint.  

  • we heart firemen
    $16.50 Choose Options FIREMAN
    FIREMAN: So many of us wanted to be firemen as kids. Most of us didn't do it, but we still think the ones who did are extra-nifty people, and for very good reason. What's not to like about someone whose job is literally to...

  • high-tech badass. that's you!
    $16.50 Choose Options High-Tech Badass
    High-Tech Badass: motor oil, diesel fumes, rubber, high AND low octane gasolines... this is what you rub on yourself to complete a costume that has non-medieval shiny moving parts, or to enhance your robotic look, or for a...

  • pirate boots
    $16.50 Choose Options Pirate Boots
    Pirate Boots: grog, tangerines, vetiver, boot leather (yes, I do have a lot of different kinds of leather scents), seaweed, and ambergris. Yarr.  This is another that is extra limited, as in I will run out of an...

  • The Iridescent Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla as a Nicobar Pigeon (aka, Nicobar Tesla)
    $17.50 Choose Options The Iridescent Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla as a Nicobar Pigeon (aka, Nicobar Tesla)
    The Iridescent Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla as a Nicobar Pigeon (aka, Nicobar Tesla): lilac, violet, blue tansy EO, lime EO, Italian lemon EO, orange EO, red currant, black cherry, and white musk, with sea-grey...

  • important ranger objects. tragic backstory not included
    $16.50 Choose Options Ranger Danger
    Ranger Danger: or Danger Ranger, if you prefer. Saddle leather and a good sword sheath, cave dust, autumn woods, dried smokeleaf, and a hint of ale and honeyed bread. 

  • vintage silk
    $16.50 Choose Options Vintage Silk
    Vintage Silk: vanilla, a fading yellow rose, cardamom, saffron, white musk, rice milk, raw sugar, and a dusty hint of tobacco smoke. I thought this was going to be Vintage Lace, but it's not. It's that fine, age-yellowed...

  • thigh-high stockings. fancy!
    $16.50 Choose Options Thigh-High Stockings
    Thigh-High Stockings: the perfect accessory. Shea blossom, white musk, vanilla cream, and a hint of neroli... close to the skin and intimate. 

  • spiked leather collar
    $16.50 Choose Options Spiked Leather Collar
    Spiked Leather Collar: This one is for lovers of leather and wood. Warm leather, Texas and Atlas cedar, ambergris, and a hint of sweet jaggery. 

  • flowered sheet ghost wants candy
    $16.50 Choose Options Oh Sheet, Ghosts
    Oh Sheet, Ghosts: (punctuation matters). White chocolate, white musk, white ginger, white amber, milk, basmati rice, and almond. Sweets for the sweet! 

  • this means two things
    $16.50 Choose Options Freyja's Sweet Ride
    Freyja's Sweet Ride: a complex and velvety-delicious, sophisticated scent! Sandalwood, blood orange, star anise, deep rose, dianthus, vanilla, benzoin, patchouli, clove bud, dragon's blood, and bright golden amber combine to...

  • resin & root
    $16.50 Choose Options Resin & Root
    Resin & Root: three ambers, copal, three gingers, vetiver, white musk, black tea, sandalwood, forest dirt, and cypress essential oil. No patchouli, despite it being a very popular root-- while many people like patchouli,...