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  • Petal to the Metal in red on a white background.
    $16.50 Choose Options Petal to the Metal
    Juicy, fat, red-edged white roses lie gracefully scattered across a handsome rosewood desk. Incense smoke curls up from the dainty brass burner: sandalwood, nag champa, dragon's blood and the memory of frankincense and...

  • Pink Seven
    $15.50 Choose Options Pink Seven
    PINK. The kind of pink that is sometimes pronounced PANK. Pink Seven just kind of happened one day as Ariel was thinking about summer warmth, sweet flowers, and the sweet floral dresses that people had just started to wear...

  • Purple Almond
    $15.50 Choose Options Purple Almond
    Almonds coated with lavender sugar. Or is it lavender coated with almond sugar? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Regardless of which primal element of excellence deserves to come first in this description, we strongly suggest that...