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Red Empress

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Deep red rose, musky thick-skinned grape, Imperial incense and a touch of smooth vanilla. This is a rich, earthy fragrance with the weight of power and experience behind it, suitable for wear when holding court, sitting on thrones, or having a cup of tea in a particularly imperious fashion.

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Product Reviews

  1. Incense with a touch of grape 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2014

    In the bottle or on a burner it smells amazing! Strong rose fleshed out with musky incense. At the end, a hint of sweet grape. When I first applied it, all I got was incense. Nice, but not what I'd hoped for. After it dried, some grape tones came out. Not really any rose that I noticed, but overall, one of my favourite scents, especially in the bottle.

  2. More grapes than roses for me 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Aug 2014

    Grape is the strongest upon application. After a while it disappears and changes to incense, with a background of rose. I had high hopes for this, and I was disappointed that there was less rose than I expected.

  3. Darn 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2013

    I really wanted to like this scent. I got it as a surprise in my Squee Party and I was very excited when I read the description. In the bottle, it smelled very strongly of incense with plenty of real grape and a touch of something spicy, it reminded me of walking around the section of the Renaissance Fair with the belly dancers and the fortune tellers! But on my skin the rose briefly surfaced and then everything became a very sharp baby powder. None of the other reviews have said that so I'd say its my skin chemistry, and probably won't happen for you, but for me it's pretty disappointing. Oh well, I've got 9 other scents to try!

  4. Found my new scent! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2013

    I've been searching for a scent for the past few years that would smell nice but not flowery or sugary, something that would suit my personality and not be overpowering. The Red Empress is it.

    On me it smells mostly like incense and rose. I've only had it for a few days but during times when I've forgotten I was wearing something and have gotten a whiff of the perfume I think "Wow, that person smells sexy. Oh wait, that's me."

    I'll definitely be upgrading from my squee to a bottle.

  5. To make doubly sure you do not fail. Bring me her heart...in this... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2013

    The only thing negative I could say about this scent is that I wanted to long to order more. If I could give it six stars I would.

    I'd definitely call it a cool scent, though the spiciness makes me keep telling myself I must be wrong because spice is usually a warm thing. I adore that its a cool scent because it's very difficult to find something exotic, feminine, cool and dark. I could imagine the Evil Queen from Snow White or Maleficent smelling like this. I adore this scent beyond any other perfume I've ever owned. It also lasts a long time.

    The first time I wore it out was to Das Bunker (The biggest goth club on the west coast) and it ended up being the right choice. One man got on his knees in front of me and told me I smelled like a goddess. A gal pal I went with kept smelling my hair and asking if I was bisexual (apparently hoping the answer would change). When I wore it to the college and one of the more jerk-ass guys in my circle of friends complimented the way I smelled. (He asked what incense I has been burning and was surprised to find it was a perfume). So not only do I love it, people love it on me.

  6. Red Empress in Her Garden 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2013

    Disclaimer: Everything goes sweet on me.

    Not my typical choice, since I don't go for florals very often -- but this one was a complex blend that held my attention all the way through. Rose tends to get powdery on me very quickly, so I was pleased to discover that it stayed wet for the entire time. In fact, it kept blending with the grape to create a nuanced, layered scent that constantly shifted back and forth. It definitely put me in mind of a garden in summer when everything is lush and growing, and just when you think you can identify what you're smelling, the breeze shifts and brings something else to your nose.

    Vanilla also tends to overwhelm everything else on me, but in this case, it stayed in the background -- an equally nice surprise!

    Summary: Not as traditionally floral as I expected, in a very good way. Nicely complex, and shifts throughout the day to keep itself fresh and enigmatic.

  7. Quite lovely! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    I received this one as a freebie, and was very glad I did: I'm not usually fan of either incense or heavily floral scents, but this surprised me. In the bottle it smells quite strongly of incense, but on my skin that faded into an undertone, leaving me with an interesting vanilla-rose scent, which I enjoyed very much.

  8. Incense 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Aug 2012

    The first whiff out of the bottle smells absolutely amazing--sweet and heady. As mentioned in other reviews, the grape note is not like candy grape at all; it almost makes me think of a dessert wine. After the first whiff, the incense sort of takes over and it's hard to smell anything else. This continued once I put it on. I kept hoping it would calm down a bit so that I could smell all those wonderful things that show up when I first open the bottle. Sometimes, if I work at it, I can make out the other notes just a tiny bit after it's been on for a while, but the incense still really dominates. I imagine that with different skin chemistry, it would be really great. Fortunately, I do enjoy the incense smell and it brings back memories of of visits to temples in East Asia.

  9. For when you want to kick ass at being classy 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2012

    This has a more traditional-perfume sort of smell than the other ZOMG offerings I've tried. But oh, that is not a bad thing! This is a powerful scent and you need very little of it, I gave myself a headache the first time I tried it. The touch of grape is really, really nice. It's not the main part of the smell, but it's a cool little accent and it's definitely real grape, not candy grape.

    This is not really an everyday smell for me, though my aunt noted she'd wear it. I will, however, use this if I want to feel unstoppably elegant and like I could totally kick ass at being classy.

  10. Spicy, royal, and elegant. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2012

    This is a strong, regal, haughty smell. Very incense-ish and smoky, with rich grape (flowery grape, not like grape candy grape) underneath; it all blends together so well it's hard to pick out individual notes. I have no idea when I would wear this, but when I do I'm going to feel like an elegant empress who rules with an iron fist, all while smelling amazing.

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