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  • A latte glass with little coffee hearts above it. Mmm!
    $16.50 Choose Options Too Latte
    Do you hate coffee? Do you hate sweet, rich coffee? Do not get this scent. It is exactly what it says on the label: Too Latte. Rub it on your skin and become a beverage at your own peril in the presence of morning zombies...

  • $15.50 Choose Options That Dream Where You're Naked at School
    This is a smell for people who have that dream--sometimes it's school, sometimes it's work, sometimes it's the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, but there you are. Naked. Everyone is looking at you. But this is...

  • The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla
    $15.50 Choose Options The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla
    We owe Tesla a debt we can never repay: as the father of modern electrical engineering, radio, and innumerable other things that looked like mad science until they worked, he's also the father of this shop. His life was...

  • Tasse de la Reine
    $15.50 Choose Options Tasse de la Reine
    The Queen's Cup: a concoction of gently spiced roast cacao and aged whale fat, i.e. ambergris. We didn't make it up, chocolate ambré is a real thing and was considered a magnificent restorative beverage for...

  • The Trials of St. Urho
    $15.50 Choose Options The Trials of St. Urho
    St. Urho, well before some other Johnny-Come-Lately saint with an unaddressed issue with snakes, drove the grasshoppers from Finland! It is to the credit of this most excellent saint that the grape crop, that year long ago...

  • $15.50 Choose Options Theopatra
    Everyone knows that the ancient Egyptians had mighty architectural prowess, but they were also the inventors of beer!Serious beer researchers have determined that this was not in fact a flavorless affair of undercooked bread...

  • Three Blossom Cupcake
    $15.50 Choose Options Three Blossom Cupcake
    Three Blossom Cupcake: neroli, gardenia, and vanilla orchid petals lend their scent to a sweet, fluffy white cake base with white musk. This item is a 5 ml bottle.

  • Tom Kha
    $15.50 Choose Options Tom Kha
    Ariel loves tom kha gai. It's a Thai soup that combines some of the best things in the world into one bowl: coconut milk, limes, ginger, fish sauce, mushrooms, chicken, chilies, et cetera...and it is so immensely beautiful...

  • The Triumph of Direct Current over the Perils of Alternating Current
    $15.50 Choose Options The Triumph of Direct Current over the Perils of Alternating Current
    Full title: The Triumph of Direct Current Over the Perils of Alternating CurrentA mouthful but worth it. We enjoy our time with Tesla, of course, but part of what we enjoy is the fact that the man couldn't catch a break if...