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The Scents

  • Das Boys collection
    $45.00 Das Boys collection
    We love the Jäger-lads as a set, and it seems somehow unfair to split them up. This is a set of all the Jäger scents (1, 2, and 3) in 5ml bottles. Op and at zem!

  • Girl Genius Collected Works (squees)
    $29.50 Girl Genius Collected Works (squees)
    One 1ml vial of each Girl Genius scent. We'll pack them up nice and tight and try to make sure they don't collaborate on a death ray before they get to you.full list of scents: Jägers 1, 2,& 3Nize HatMadboyThe...

  • Nuremburg Pudding Incident
    $16.50 Nuremburg Pudding Incident
    While the Nuremburg Pudding Incident has been largely hushed up and reduced to tantalizing snippets of rumor and hearsay after the fact, the two things most sources agree on are that the Professoressa Foglio was probably...

  • The Baron
    $16.50 The Baron
    Rich, complex, and powerfully masculine, the Baron is a scent to wear when conquering towns and administrating with a practical-minded, questionably benevolent hand. Bergamot, lavender, and amber mellowed by spiced rum, bay...

  • Pirate Queen (on duty)
    $16.50 Pirate Queen (on duty)
    Can't burn the town? Mustn't burn the town? Even just a little tiny bit? No? Well, phooey. A layer of sweetness and light just barely obscuring the urge to LOOT AND BURN AT WILL. Maybe later? Sticky,...

  • Pirate Queen (off duty)
    $16.50 Pirate Queen (off duty)
    After a hard day's work, there's nothing quite like kicking back with a nice warm cannon fusillade and a selection of small, defenseless villages. Ah, the good life! Three toasted woods, torched incense, clove bud and...

  • Nize Hat
    $16.50 Nize Hat
    Because a nize hat deserves a nize scent, ja. Remember, however, that "nice" compares to "nize" the way a pleasant day by the sea compares to conquering that sea at the head of a flotilla of mighty clockwork sharks. We do...

  • Madboy
    $16.50 Madboy
    This scent is the scent of mad genius hard at work. There's leather toolbelts and handy restraints, of course. And over here, the shelf of glutinous unguents and resins imported in plain brown wrappers...a scrim of dust on...

  • Jäger #3
    $16.50 Jäger #3
    A little dark, a little dirty, but with undeniable sweetness under the rough edges-- this is a Jäger to watch out for. No Jäger is subtle, but this one approaches suaveness wearing elephant boots. Dangerously sexy...

  • Jäger #2
    $16.50 Jäger #2
    Two leafy mints, gnarly patchouli root, balsam, and a speck of black licorice. Robust! This Jager likes long walks in the woods, getting caught in the rain, and hitting things with other things.(this scent is available as a...

  • Jäger #1
    $16.50 Jäger #1
    Jaunty and fierce! Clean as freshly-washed dirt, sharp as a brick. Lemon oil, oak moss, patchouli, white aniseed, and a pink rose in the lapel, because...well, yu never knows...(this scent is available as a 5ml bottle...