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Themed Collections and Samplers

All Squee Sets and Squee Parties will be wrapped up tight and popped into a fancy little organza bag like they're headed to junior prom. We get to pick the bag's color, but rest assured that we will be sure to make it an excellent color.

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    $29.50 Choose Options SQUEE PARTY
    Variety is important! We understand this.The Squee Party contains ten squees of your choice. Use the Comment box during checkout to tell us which ten scents you'd like, and we will...*ahem*...get that party started.Only...

  • Most Popular
    $38.50 Most Popular
    These thirteen scents are our most popular choices (and as such, this list will change!). They cover a nice range of types and provide a solid grounding if you're new to our menu or want to experience the most tried-and-true...

  • "You're Wearing WHAT?"
    $38.50 "You're Wearing WHAT?"
    "You're Wearing WHAT?" Thirteen of our most fun answers when someone inhales approvingly and asks what scent you're wearing. The name of this set is taken from the most often-reported response. :) Brontosaurus Loves...

  • A Little of Everything
    $38.50 A Little of Everything
    A Little of Everything: we've selected thirteen scents to give you a sampler pack with a good variety of things-- floral, woody, green, sweet, fruity, foody, and spicy, with bits for ladies and gentlemen both. Camping in...

  • A Low-Powered Collision (squee set)
    $17.50 A Low-Powered Collision (squee set)
    The Quark Set in squee form. This assortment contains seven (7) squees, one of each quark scent. That means these:Up Quark Down Quark Top Quark Bottom Quark Charm Quark Strange Quark And a squee of Gluon, a scent only...

  • All the Flowers
    $38.50 All the Flowers
    All the Flowers: thirteen squees of our favorite florals. Some of these scents are more floral, some are less, but all of them have at least one bloom squished in-- a handy sampler set for the petal pushers and...

  • Bottom Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Bottom Quark
    Trivia moment: shortly after their discovery, there was a short but fierce fracas over what this quark and its partner quark would be named. We know them now as Top and Bottom, but they were nearly Truth and Beauty. We weep...

  • Charm Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Charm Quark
    Any particle containing a charm quark is considered a charmed particle, as opposed to a charming particle. We wonder why--seriously, have you ever seen a D meson? It's seriously charming.So what does this most gracious and...

  • Down Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Down Quark
    The up and down quarks are the most stable of all the quark pairs: the others undergo particle decay and end up as one or the other. Were one inclined to indulge a metaphorical fancy, one might note that Up and Down could be...

  • Dr. Zomg's Blue Mass Salve
    $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Blue Mass Salve
    "Blue mass" sounds more like something you'd want to cure than a cure-all. But medicine it was! Powerful stuff, if you're willing to define "powerful" as "doesn't fix anything but distracts you with other problems". The...

  • $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Fulminator Argentine
    Fernet! This stuff is an old-school Italian herbal panacea used for everything from hangovers to cholera. Like most such concoctions, the original is a fairly strong liqueur with dozens of ingredients--nowadays, it's...

  • Dr. Zomg's Gracious Nerve Cordial
    $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Gracious Nerve Cordial
    This recipe was liberated from a pleasant modern lemon-lime soda that's lost track of its antique soothing roots. The original soothing roots were not roots as such, pardon the pun--they were a low dose of lithium citrate,...

  • Dr. Zomg's Renovative Cherry Bitters
    $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Renovative Cherry Bitters
    Bitters: another health drink that wasn't. Unlike most patent medicines, they weren't primarily used to get schnockered on--at least not directly. The standard approach to tip some of the mysterious, pungent potion into your...

  • $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Superlative Polytonic Mira-balm
    The recipe for modern Coca-Cola is trademarked, of course, but the recipe for the original stimulating syrup is public domain. They're not quite the same thing, partially because the coca-leaf extract in the modern version...

  • Dr. Zomg's Tincture of Caprice
    $15.50 Choose Options Dr. Zomg's Tincture of Caprice
    This scent is based on an antique recipe for a vinaigrette mix--NOT the salad dressing, mind you. Vinaigrette boxes were the posh Victorian answer to the cloven orange and the pomander; little silver-gilt latticed containers...

  • Fancy Drinks
    $38.50 Fancy Drinks
    Fancy Drinks: a set of thirteen scents inspired by drinks both innocent and adult. We're kind of obligated to remind you not to drink them, but we think you'll enjoy wearing them instead. Brownian Motion Bathtub...

  • Gentlemen's Club
    $38.50 Gentlemen's Club
    Gentlemen's Club: thirteen of our scents most traditionally suitable for masculine wear, with a couple of unconventional choices that our male customers have liked a lot. Bathtub Gin Brontosaurus Loves...

  • Girl Genius Collected Works (squees)
    $29.50 Girl Genius Collected Works (squees)
    One 1ml vial of each Girl Genius scent. We'll pack them up nice and tight and try to make sure they don't collaborate on a death ray before they get to you.full list of scents: Jägers 1, 2,& 3Nize HatMadboyThe...

    $38.50 SCIENCE
    SCIENCE! Thirteen of our most science-y scents, covering disciplines from astrophysics to vulcanology. We ourselves do not have the discipline to stick with just one, and you don't have to either. Brontosaurus Loves...

  • Strange Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Strange Quark
    The strange quark: how strange is it?(so strange they made a movie out of it! No more Rocky references, promise.)Turns out it's pretty strange; as a particle, perhaps redundantly, it has strangeness. Strangeness affects the...

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