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Themed Collections and Samplers

All Squee Sets and Squee Parties will be wrapped up tight and popped into a fancy little organza bag like they're headed to junior prom. We get to pick the bag's color, but rest assured that we will be sure to make it an excellent color.

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  • Top Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Top Quark
    Holly and Ariel's conversation on the 7th of the month this was released, shortly after midnight, went a little like this: Holly: Oh no! Holly: there is no desc for Top Quark! Ariel: Did you not make one? Holly: I thought I...

  • Up Quark
    $15.50 Choose Options Up Quark
    Elusive but happy, light yet mysterious, the Up quark is not where you expect it to be. It's always a little bit higher. Keep looking. Yeah, look up. People never think to look up. The Up quark is waiting for you patiently...

  • Vanilla and Friends
    $38.50 Vanilla and Friends
    The Vanilla and Friends Bag: thirteen of our favorite scents involving vanilla, from a tasteful trace to full-bore prominence. We love sweet stuff, obviously, and if you do too this assortment will provide plenty...

  • Why Am I So Delicious?
    $38.50 Why Am I So Delicious?
    Why Am I So Delicious? Thirteen of our choicest foody scents, mmm. Our dessert tray is a bon-bon bombshell. All sorts of sweetness are included here: cakes and pastries, candied fruits, liqueur truffles, sugared nuts, and...

  • Doctor's Kit (all scents)
    $14.50 Choose Options Doctor's Kit (all scents)
    An assortment of pseudopharmacology at your fingertips! Does not cure gout, rheumatism, catarrh, neuralgia, restless appendix...or anything at all, ever. Sure does smell nice though.This set contains one of each Dr. Zomg...

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