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Volcano Collection!

  • A wild pig in silhouette, bookin' it rapidly downhill with a rolling coconut companion. Say that three times fast.
    $16.50 Choose Options Lau Lau KaPOW!
    This one's for the guiltily delectable scent of burning sugar cane fields: wild ginger cooked with pineapple and lychee, toasted coconut, the green scent of the nearby rainforest, and... is that roast pork I smell? Wild...

  • I tried to Nouveau up a volcano splooshing out chai spices.
    $16.50 Choose Options Sky High Chai
    A chai volcano, you say? The hotter and spicier the better? OKAY. This one is for all the folks chiming in to say that sounded delicious. Star anise, cinnamon leaf, clove leaf, and clove bud are all essential oils, and they...

  • Hot lava cake island with a little birthday candle sticking out of it.
    $16.50 Choose Options Baby Island Birthday Party
    ZOMG has a tradition of weird birthday party scents, and when I heard that we had a new tiny baby island forming right off the coast, I had to give it a birthday present! It has since grown up into a peninsula after a very...

  • A big fat juicy plumeria, pikkake jasmine lei, and a bit of gardenia petal foof in moderately Nouveau style.
    $16.50 Choose Options Plumeria Hysteria
    PLUMERIA HYSTERIA: This one references the fact that a lot of tourists canceled plans to come visit the Big Island once the volcano started spewing lava from various fissures in the ground and casually, slowly, annihilating...

  • Pele creme brulee: a fancy drawing of Pele's wild hair, slightly judgy and unpredictable face, and the fixings for a pina colada creme brulee.
    $16.50 Choose Options Pele Creme Brulee
    PELE CREME BRULEE: a Hawaiian take on the delicious burnt-sugar and custard treat that so many of us love. The Volcano House restaurant which overlooks the caldera by a more than respectable distance serves a rather nice...