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ZOMG's on a BOAT. Shipping stuff ~April 11-12?


The entire catalog-- past, present, and supplies for the future-- of ZOMG is on a boat as I write this, coming slowly but sweetly toward port... and me. I expect to have it delivered around April 10th, and hopefully unpacked and ready to go enough that orders that have chosen to wait will start going out in the next few days after that. WooHAA! Something new, and of course smelliferous, will go out with them, too. 

You may see that there is also a new smell, CAKE & FAILURE. May it please you, friends. I considered also doing Caramel Despair or Actual Death By Chocolate. 

<3, Ariel 

Not dead, just asleep (actually, strep and moving). Click for tl;dr!

Dear friends: the shop is back up! There was a super mundane billing snafu.Why I've been so quiet: I got really sick for a disgustingly long time and then life happened really hard while Ciara kept shipping everything just fine, but no one got answered when they asked me questions about it.tl;dr long version: I [...]

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