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1. ZOMG Xmas deadline is Dec 19. 2. All orders up to Dec 9 are shipping by Dec 16. 3. Go watch a ZOMG video review on Youtube!!

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Smell comrades! All is, in fact, entirely well. Sorry about falling off of Facebook there. Roughly a billionty orders are in the process of being packed and are allllll getting shipped by this Thursday or Friday, so if your order has not yet shipped, that's you!

The deadline for continental US orders that I EXPECT to arrive by Dec 25 this year is Dec 19, this coming Monday.

New and/or order-content-relevant things are going into your orders as treats, as always. I made a special holiday batch of honey soap called Cookiepants that smells like spiced oatmeal cookies and has GOBS of fancy shimmer, and many of you will be making its closer acquaintance.
A really charming guy in the UK did a video review of a bunch of ZOMG smells, with another to come later. Here's the first one!
<3, Ariel