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Captain of Industry is temporarily out of stock! Woe.


Dear scented humans: I'm fine in the latest hurricane, but worried about those of you in the path, especially North Carolina. Please be safe.

Shop news: I had to be out of town for ten days and left my dad in charge of shipping. Long story short, he was deeply confused about some addresses. I am back on it now myself and everything should be in the mail by the end of Friday.

I created something amazing yesterday as an extra treat for a birthday order, and I'm calling it Resin & Root: three ambers, copal, three gingers, vetiver, white musk, black tea, sandalwood, forest dirt, and cypress essential oil. No patchouli, despite it being a very popular root-- the birthday lady loves Seagull Eating a Starfish, and this is meant to snuggle up to that vibe while remaining distinctly itself. I feel like it succeeded! Everyone going out Friday will get some as a late-shipping gift. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! <3, Ariel

Coupon code freesqueeformee, and CAPTCHA is working again for mobile users!

Updated: All fixed! And here is a coupon code for $3.50 off, which = a free squee. :) Code is: freesqueeformeeDear excellent people: I'm working on figuring out how to upgrade my deprecated CAPTCHA today. I'll post again when it's working. In the words of the last person to inform me that it is broken: "Him [...]

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THE RETURN of "Wanna Get Pizza?"

A ton of orders will get popped into the mail today! The pig luau shall enter the world, joining the ranks of such other bizarre and mystical creatures as... "Want to Get Pizza?"Due to the aforementioned luau scent, also known as Lau Lau KaPOW: the Porkening!, I've grown wistful and nostalgic for the magical pizza-summoning [...]

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The Volcano Collection is LIVE! Go see! :D

Pssst. The Volcano Collection update is LIVE! :D I'm really proud of the work I did on this one, art and scents both. Please love me.PELE CREME BRULEE: a Hawaiian take on the delicious burnt-sugar and custard treat that so many of us love. The Volcano House restaurant which overlooks the caldera by a more [...]

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PLUME BOOM, aka the Living With Volcano update

PLUME BOOM, aka the Living With Volcano update: last night the air smelled distinctly sulfurous, and I've had a scratchy sore throat and the tireds pretty much since things started, but moreso the past several days. My windows are closed in case of ashfall over here after that 30,000 foot ash plume I'm sure you [...]

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