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Update: Waiting on supplies, doing our best to ship existing orders by Xmas


UPDATE: Right now, several orders are waiting on some delayed supplies to arrive, and though new stuff is planned (and some of you got Sailor's Eyeball after Halloween in your orders!), it hasn't worked out well to design more things remotely with the difference in time zones and work schedules with me and my awesome helper. I apologize and I will absolutely give anyone who wishes a full refund if you'd prefer.

I'm moving the shop over to me in January so the burst of new ideas can come to fruition and things will ship out fast again.

Thank you all for being my customers and beautiful people for years, so much, new and old. Thank you for your patience, and your rightful impatience. I've learned from everyone, and so many people tell me stories that make me smile. Scent memory and nostalgia are amazing things. --Ariel

P.S. Since I told you folks about the "newfound pancreatitis" in my elder dog Sable, I will update you on that, too. It was actually heart disease, and after a rough few weeks of trying to figure it out and try everything to help, I had to accept he was dying and there was nothing I could do but make it gentle and quick. I miss him very much.

Not dead, just asleep (actually, strep and moving). Click for tl;dr!

Dear friends: the shop is back up! There was a super mundane billing snafu.Why I've been so quiet: I got really sick for a disgustingly long time and then life happened really hard while Ciara kept shipping everything just fine, but no one got answered when they asked me questions about it.tl;dr long version: I [...]

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