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Ariel had to go to the hospital. She will be ok. Details below.


Dear ZOMG friends: About a month ago, I had to go to the hospital for emergency major surgery due to a Victorian-era-level situation of "yank that crazy organ out and put it in a jar for posterity." I've been really out of it and recovering for a couple of weeks now, and things are going very well. I will be fine. I don't really know what level of detail is appropriate here, so I'm just going to tell you some stuff because 1. you deserve to know why I stopped answering and have to catch up, and 2. it might help one of you one day, because what happened to me was weird.

So. I had a fibroid uterus. In essence, it grew some wacky stuff in it-- one of which weighed four pounds-- and got bigger and bigger until it was trying to cage-match one of my kidneys by choking it out via blocking the ureter, which is both a hilarious word and a distressingly necessary tube that leads from your kidney to your bladder.

I thought I had food poisoning. In actual fact, my system had gone septic because of the kidney thing. I tried to go to urgent care, they pointed out that my nailbeds were blue, and made me go to the hospital... where I stayed for nearly two weeks. So, uh. If you think you have food poisoning that doesn't get better after three days, please go to the doctor, and please listen to them if they say you need to go to the hospital. You probably do.

Helper Mom-- valiant and wonderful soul that she is-- stopped working on your orders and flew out in a hurry to be with me. I'm trying to teach Helper Dad how to mix perfume over the phone, but I have been pretty useless until the last couple of days. I'm getting better. I will be totally fine again, just short an organ. It will take awhile, though.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to everyone whose orders didn't make it out before Mom came to take care of me. They WILL get fulfilled, but at a delay. As always when I get delayed, there will be some form of compensation in extra, new, or rare squees.
I humbly ask that you bear with me while I work this out.
<3, Ariel-- turned into a newt, but I got better

Wine scents soon, and a tiny Hawaii anecdote

Update time! The wine scents are going well, I continue to get caught up, and in entirely unrelated news, last night/early this morning I had a brand new life experience: an earthquake while I was in the bathroom. No harm done but the hanging light swinging, but it certainly was startling.Thanks, Hawaii?

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update from bed

Hi, humans. I am sick in bed watching the Matrix on my phone. I have not forgotten you, but I have been disgustingly ill for about a week now-- probably thanks to something I touched when I went to go see How To Train Your Dragon 3 with my family, because my mom got it [...]

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Feb Update: Mars Rover love, tongue-in-cheek Tesla & Edison riffs

UPDATE TIME: I am still working on some older orders, and putting in extra goodies as always. My helper's been unavailable and I'm slow alone-- the Ariel is much better at creation than production. Woe.COOKIES for the Mars Rover: an eloquent fan requested a re-release of this one in honor of Opportunity's long service (NASA [...]

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Buy 2 Get 1 Free 5 & 10ml Holiday Sale ends Jan 11... when the HONEY BUNCH will show up!

Shop update time! I had a nice rest over the holiday and hope you all did too. Current orders and giveaway stuff will all be mailed by the end of the week. <3SALE update: the Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale is going away Jan 11, so grab mega discounted bottles while you can!On Jan [...]

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Buy 2 get 1 free sale! Also, holiday shipping note!

HOLIDAY SALE TIME! Three 5ml or 10ml bottles for the price of two. Just tell me in the order comments what your three scents are, and they shall be yours.IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not live on the mainland anymore, I am shipping from Hawaii. That means that anything you buy after Dec 16 is increasingly [...]

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Holiday Limited Scent Update 2018!

I made trios of scents this year, because I've always liked threes-- I was a child raised on a variety of cultural mythologies and stories, several of which appreciated threes as a magically, supernaturally, or religiously significant number. Thus, I've dabbled with several scent themes I really enjoy, which gave me an excuse to make [...]

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Captain of Industry is temporarily out of stock! Woe.

Dear scented humans: I'm fine in the latest hurricane, but worried about those of you in the path, especially North Carolina. Please be safe.Shop news: I had to be out of town for ten days and left my dad in charge of shipping. Long story short, he was deeply confused about some addresses. I am [...]

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Coupon code freesqueeformee, and CAPTCHA is working again for mobile users!

Updated: All fixed! And here is a coupon code for $3.50 off, which = a free squee. :) Code is: freesqueeformeeDear excellent people: I'm working on figuring out how to upgrade my deprecated CAPTCHA today. I'll post again when it's working. In the words of the last person to inform me that it is broken: "Him [...]

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THE RETURN of "Wanna Get Pizza?"

A ton of orders will get popped into the mail today! The pig luau shall enter the world, joining the ranks of such other bizarre and mystical creatures as... "Want to Get Pizza?"Due to the aforementioned luau scent, also known as Lau Lau KaPOW: the Porkening!, I've grown wistful and nostalgic for the magical pizza-summoning [...]

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